Woo hoo, you're one step closer to winning a HUGE family portrait experience valued at $2500!!!


Putting off family photography is a luxury none of us can afford.

Let's be real, we’re all busy with lots going on in our lives (not to mention our social butterfly kids’ lives!) – but the years fly by and before you know it your babies are moving out of home. 

I know it’s easy to push family photos to the bottom of the pile and there’s an endless reel of excuses – you just want to shift those last couple of kilos, the youngest isn’t sleeping, your roots need doing, you’re just not photogenic...

But you know what? When your kids look back at the images, they will just love that you were there and not behind the camera/phone for a change. Plus, photos that show you exist in their lives aren’t only for them, they are for you too. 

Think how much more precious a baby photo of you with your parents in it is to you now. You look back at your gorgeous mama and you’re not looking at her hair or weight but marvelling at what an amazing job she did, how beautiful she was. How young she looks! 

Right now is that moment – you know, the one old ladies tell you to treasure because it goes too fast? Well, I’m that old lady and I’m giving you permission to let go of all the self-limiting stories we tell ourselves about why it’s just not a good time. I’m giving you permission to leave work early, mute the notifications, skip the after-school training for once and press the pause button.

Let’s celebrate what you have and what makes it all worth it.

Let’s capture it before it’s gone.

Can't wait to make some magic with you and your family!

Daisy xox



A family photoshoot takes between 30 and 60 minutes (the sweet spot for toddler and teenage attention spans), but allow up to 90 minutes all together. This gives us enough time to capture all this gorgeous details of you and your family connecting and having fun, usually running or walking along the shoreline and maybe playing in the sand dunes. It also means that other families will get the chance to bask in the glorious golden light before the sun goes down! Aim to arrive 15 minutes before your time slot so no one feels too rushed or stressed should you get stuck in traffic!

You want to look your best but it's also important that you and your family are comfortable in whatever outfits you choose. Try to make sure that everyone's clothes work together and that the colours complement each other (that doesn't mean the entire family in white shirt and jeans!!) Neutrals (like whites, creams, beiges) with perhaps a pop of one colour or tone work well. Try not to overthink it – dress the kids in anything that you love them in and wear something that you know you won't look back and cringe at! Stick to subtle patterns and ideally keep it to just one family member (soft florals for instance rather than a bold check). Textures look great in photos so in summer, floaty dresses for girls and linen shirts for boys, in winter think layers and knits. I usually say get mum sorted first and work everyone else's outfits around yours!

The ideal location is somewhere that holds special meaning to you and your family. In my experience, photographing children outdoors where they can play and run around is the best way to capture their unique personality. Your home can also be a great choice, particularly for babies, where you will feel comfortable surrounded by familiar things that you love. I am also happy to recommend location spots and advise on the best times according to sunrise and sunset.

A change of clothes for everyone but particularly young children is a good idea. Also, if your kids have a favourite toy they can't be without (and you don't mind being in the photos!) then bring that too. You are welcome to bring bikes, scooters, balls or anything that you feel reflects your family's personality – but letting children use their imaginations often make for the best photographs. Don't forget water/milk/snacks and obviously nappy changing essentials if you need them.

I obsessively keep an eye on the weather (one of the perks of the job!) and if the radar looks really unforgiving I will be in touch to reschedule. However, the shorter nature of these sessions usually means that we can wait for the rain to pass - but don't worry, the weather is for me to stress about and rest assured I will let you know in plenty of time if we need a back-up plan.

Your $250 session fee covers your photoshoot, style consultation, design session and professional editing of your beautiful images. It does not include prints or digitals however you do receive $100 print credit to put towards these after you have received your gallery. Prices start at $95 and wall art starts at $175. Just to give you an idea, some of my clients spend $200 and some spend $2000 - if you love your images then you are welcome to purchase them, but only once you have seen them and there is no hard sell here!!  

Within two weeks of our photo shoot, you will receive access to your private online gallery of carefully selected images. Prints are ready two to three weeks after ordering. Albums and other custom items can take up to six weeks.


Giveaway photography session must be held at Daisy Stockbridge Photography studio/location on Sydney's Northern Beaches
Only one family permitted.
Grand Prize winner will receive complimentary photography session ($250 sitting fee waived), wall art plus full gallery of digital images valued at $2500. Runners-up will receive complimentary photography session ($250 sitting fee waived), plus one fine art portrait and corresponding digital image valued at $550.
Additional images will be available for purchase however you are NOT obligated to purchase any photographs from your session.
Owner must be 18 years or older to enter.
The selected entrants are responsible for all transportation costs to and from the shoot location. Nothing may be transferred or substituted for its cash value.
This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook.