A photoshoot with me is as easy as 1, 2, 3...



Before your session we'll schedule a time for a call to get to know each other. This helps me work out how to get the most from our shoot and hopefully helps you feel more comfortable about what to expect - and start to get excited about how much fun we're going to have!



This is the fun part! Whether it's a family session on the beach or a shoot at the studio, this is your time to shine. And there's no pressure - I promise I will make it so relaxed and painless that you will forget I'm there. Even dads end up enjoying it. FACT.



Hmm, actually THIS is the fun part! About two weeks after your shoot we catch up again and I get to reveal your stunning images - plus we get to design incredible wall art that will make your friends jealous and your heart sing every time you look at them. I love love love this bit (it's why I do what I do).


Prices start from just $95 and wall prints from $175.


Book your photoshoot


Let's start planning your perfect photoshoot!

Your photoshoot is unique to you - that's what keeps my job interesting! We tailor your session to your needs and how you want to be photographed. If you want beautiful images of your family just as they are right now then we can organise an outdoor shoot on one of the beautiful beaches or parks we have on the Northern Beaches or if you prefer we could do it in the comfort of your home where everyone feels relaxed and well, at home...

You might need images of yourself to use for social media, headshots for work/LinkedIn, photos for your partner, gifts for your family or just because you don't have any images of yourself that you love and it's time you had beautiful portraits - in which case, book in for one of our All About You magazine-style studio sessions where you will feel like a celebrity (because you're worth it).


Just click on the link below and I will be in touch to find out how you dream of being photographed, what makes you and your family tick and how you would love to display your unique art in your home! 

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