Extended family session

March 01, 2023

Rebecca contacted me about doing an extended family shoot to celebrate her parents' 40th wedding anniversary - incredible! It was such an honour to capture this beautiful family and we had so much fun. 

The cherry on the top was the beautiful wall art – which included an extra large absolutely stunning framed canvas – they chose to celebrate their amazing kids and grandchildren, not to mention their amazing achievement!


Are photoshoots allowed under Covid-19 restrictions?

May 25, 2020

From Friday 15 May, the NSW government relaxed restrictions allowing public gatherings of up to 10 people in Sydney. We are also now allowed to have up to five visitors to our homes.

An outdoor family photoshoot has always been permitted but I chose to close my business while Australia was under social distancing.

Now that restrictions are starting to ease I feel comfortable resuming outdoor and studio shoots while maintaining recommended hygiene practices and physical distancing.

If you or a family member are feeling unwell then please inform me so we can reschedule – and I will of course do the same.

From Monday 1 June, restrictions are easing further with pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants allowed up to 50 customers. But I will still be observing physical distancing of 1.5 metres at all times and following the 4 square metre wherever possible.

My lenses are long enough that I can always maintain a safe distance, particularly for outdoor shoots. For at-home sessions, the same physical distancing and hygiene rules apply and with my style of newborn photography (natural, candid shots with no posing), I would never handle your baby anyway so nothing will change in that regard.

Within the studio, we ask that only one family be present at a time and will always schedule appointments with enough time in between that no one will be waiting (we do this anyway!) and hand sanitiser is provided and encouraged. Door handles, chairs etc are all wiped clean between sessions.

We've had to change the way we do a few things (there's no fixing flyaway hair or straightening necklaces now! Well, there is but we just have to be bossy from now on) but on the whole it's back to business as usual so thank you for your patience. 

We are keen to do everything we can to flatten the curve but also understand that life goes on and your milestones don’t stop just because of a pandemic. Stay safe everyone, we’ll get through this by all working together and doing everything we can to stop the spread.

For more information about a photoshoot with Daisy Stockbridge Photography, click here

Home is where the art is

May 25, 2020

My kids haven't been the only ones home schooling. During lockdown I had an epiphany - I realised that my job as a photographer doesn't end with taking photos and I've actually been doing my clients a disservice by not offering them finished products. I suddenly realised that I wasn't doing my job at all if I let families leave their images in a folder on their desktop or shared on social media and then forgotten about.

These photographs need to be enjoyed and remembered. They deserve to be immortalised as beautiful artwork - appreciated every day and LOVED FOR A LIFETIME.

So while my other half was educating the kids (thanks hubby!), I've been retraining, burying my head in online courses, learning new software, systems and relaunching my brand and my website.

There are options to suit every budget and wall space, from fun wooden 8 inch circle prints (made from marine-grade FSC certified timber) right up to statement 1.4x3m canvas prints (oh how I would love to see one of those in your home!) Prints start at $175 and wall collections from $495. There will be no minimum spend and no hard sell - the idea is that you only buy the images you love AND YOU HANG THEM ON YOUR WALLS to be enjoyed every day. I know how busy life gets so from now on I want to offer a complete family portrait service – just sit back and let me take care of everything so you can enjoy your beautiful artworks.


All dressed up, nowhere to go

May 16, 2020



Well, 2020 didn’t turn out how we expected now did it? First unprecendented bushfires ripped across Australia and then COVID-19 spread like wildfire around the world. 

We were very lucky in this country that restrictions were relatively short lived and while we were encouraged to ‘stay home, save lives’, we weren’t  in the extreme lockdown that some nations were experiencing. But that’s not to say it wasn’t hard. Tensions were high as people either lost jobs or put themselves at risk by continuing to show up to work and provide essential services. 

Many of us feared for our physical and mental health, some attempting to educate children from home while juggling the demands of increasingly stressful jobs and the horror of the never-ending Zoom meeting. The toughest part for me personally was suddenly being starved of face to face interaction and human connection. What I hadn’t realised until it was taken away was that as a photographer, what truly inspires and drives me is meeting people, hearing their stories and connecting with them.

And so I began photographing women of iso, telling their stories but also giving them a reason to get dressed up and out of the house, to look and feel amazing if only for a moment – something we were all craving if the bin outings were anything to go by! All Dressed Up, Nowhere To Go is a collection of beautiful women sharing their experiences and their stories, but also observing their own inner beauty shining through for the first time in a long while (or in some cases, ever). If the women I photographed proved one thing, it was never let anything – not even a pandemic – dull your sparkle.

'All dressed up, nowhere to go' is a fine art photography series celebrating the women of iso. A magazine-worthy photoshoot that will make you feel like a celebrity - because you're worth it. 


At Daisy Stockbridge Photography Studios, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful portrait - it can change the way you see yourself forever. And right now, we all need an excuse to get dressed up and out of the house - looking and feeling beautiful! 


Prior experience is not required, you don't need to be 'photogenic' (that's the photographer's job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera) or looking your best (good lighting melts iso weight, we promise!) 


Cost of the photoshoot is $155 which will be credited to any purchase and includes: 

* 1 hour photographic session at our Bilgola Plateau studio 

* Pre-shoot style consultation, access to hair and make-up and designer wardrobe (additional cost)

* Feature image in 'All dressed up, nowhere to go' fine art photographic series including book available for purchase 

* A full photographic collection of your beautiful available to buy (interest free payment plans available)


To lock in your session, just click below to book and we'll be in touch to discuss how you would like to be photographed and your wardrobe options:

Book your photoshoot

Lifestyle newborn session

November 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I absolutely LOVE shooting at-home lifestyle newborn sessions - it's such a special time and apart from feeling really privileged to be invited into people's homes to record it, I feel really passionate that it should be captured as you will want to remember it and not in a stiffly posed and unnatural way.

When I come to your home I'm aiming to highlight the beautiful relationship between family members and the gorgeous new addition - capturing you all just as you are. Rather than the traditional newborn photography approach of posing babies who don't want to be posed, my style is somewhere between documentary and portrait photography known as 'lifestyle photography'.

To make things that little bit easier, lifestyle sessions take place in the familiar surroundings of your own home rather than a cold studio, in a comfortable room with good natural light, whether that be your family room, nursery or master bedroom (or all three!)

You don't need to worry about your home being picture perfect either, I can come and move clutter as required and you'd be amazed what we can achieve even in the smallest (and darkest) of spaces. The session below was a one bedroom unit but by positioning the couple in front of the window we were able to make the most of the space. I want your lifestyle newborn session to be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible, the last thing you need to be worrying about is cleaning!

My sessions are all about highlighting the beautiful connection between you and your new baby and capturing this amazing once-in-a-lifetime moment so that you can treasure it for years to come. To book your lifestyle newborn photography session at home, please contact me here to work out a time that suits you. Dx



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